2017-2019 Yen Noh (South Korea)

Yen Noh, who previously obtained a MA at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, has developed and presented speech performances that look into the unclosed gap between language and translation since 2012. Her recent projects reflect the issues regarding language and translation in a political and historical context. Her current research work critiques modern projects that were implemented by nation-states, highlighting the institutionalisation of Western modernism done by the Empire of Japan and its connection to a new art movement prevailed in Japan and to the history of Korean modern art. Viewing an assembly as an archiving method and an enabler for an anarchist art practice, she is concerned with addressing diverse aspects of inadequacy of identity politics. Recently, she had a solo presentation in SFAC (Seoul Art Space Mullae) with MAP fellowship funding. Yen’s participation in the Dutch Art Institute is supported by the ArtEZ Scholarship.