2017-2019 Dina Mohamed (Egypt)

Dina Mohamed holds a BA in Philosophy from The American University in Cairo. She has participated as a researcher in diverse programmes hosted by the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute and the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, among other institutions. Her work, largely text-based, is deeply rooted in research and philosophy. Recently, she completed a one year study at Home Workspace Program Ashkal Alwan, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, and participated as a co-curator in ‘Contemporary Artistic Revolutions: An Institutional Perspective’ (Exhibition/Conference/Publication), as well as a researcher for the exhibition and publication The Arab Nude: The Artists as Awakener both at The American University in Beirut (AUB) Art Galleries. Her years of experience in human rights advocacy and politics offer a valuable perspective to the DAI community. Dina is a recipient of both the ArtEZ Scholarship and the Holland Scholarship awarded in 2017.