2017-2019 Eric Peter (The Netherlands)

Eric Peter is interested in experimental, participative initiatives, such as Shifting Spaces (Act I and Act II), which he co-organised in W139, Amsterdam. Communal living, eating, dancing, and sleeping were part of the experience, as well as discussions and lectures that ‘planted seeds of revolt in participants and audience’. As if to compensate such aspirations for self-improvement through group dynamics, Eric is equipped with a sharp sense of (self)criticism that allows him to see what actually works and what does not, which is undoubtedly a prime requirement for his learning skills. Eric obtained his BFA at the Royal Academy of Art, in The Hague. Recently, he had a solo presentation at Stroom, The Hague, which covered his residency period at The Unifiedfield, an artist-run organisation on the island of Mindanao in The Philippines. Other presentations include 1646 (The Hague), Kunsthuis SYB (Beetsterzwaag) and, in February 2017, Prospects & Concepts, the Mondriaan Fund’s selection of young talent exhibited at Art Rotterdam.