2017-2019 Elien Ronse (Belgium)


Elien Ronse’s considerable academic trajectory includes a BA in Social-Cultural Work (Arteveldehogeschool), a BA in Art Teaching, and a Master in Fine Arts, the latter two in LUCA School of Arts, Ghent. She also has an international track record of exhibitions, residences, mentoring and lecturing, from Das Weisse Haus in Austria, to the Pier-2 Art Center in Taiwan. Elien’s practice is mainly focused on daily experiences and the domestic environment, sometimes focusing down on its most mundane aspects, which ultimately constitutes an exploration of the experience of time. Thus, her work is largely based on the creation of sui generis archives, such as the Chewing Gum Report, which, in turn, leads to the use of writing as a favoured, if not always apparent, artistic medium.