2017-2019 Zoe Scoglio (UK/Australia)

Zoe Scoglio has an extensive art practice at an international level with exhibitions and performances in Australia, the Netherlands, and the UK, as well as residencies in Iceland (Nes Artist Residency) and Istanbul (Halka Art Project), among many others. She has developed a specific critical language around her practice based on the connection between paired concepts: human and geological, personal and planetary, animate and inanimate, micro and macro, landscape and body, body and mind, protest and parade, spectacular and intimate. Workshops, lectures, guided walks, and ceremonies are some of her preferred performative formats. Sometimes this is done at a spectacular scale, like in her guided walk/performance Mass, commissioned by Field Theory, Calder Park Raceway (Melbourne), which involved the organisation of 300 attendees and 70 cars, or in Women of Fairfield, co-commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art C3West (Sydney). Previously, she enjoyed a Time Place Space: Nomad residency in regional Australia through Arts House and Performance Space.  Zoe, who previously received a BFA degree in Media Art from the RMIT in Melbourne, studies at the Dutch Art Institute supported by the Australian Ian Potter Cultural Trust.