2017-2019 Giorgos Tsiongas (Greece)


Before earning his BFA at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Giorgos Tsiongas studied geology in the University of Athens, until he decided that the kind of research he is interested in is not scientific, but artistic. His work emanates from poetry: he has published two collections of poetry books (Narcissus Rex and Synnefo, both with Melani Publications, Athens). Empathy, emotional investment, vulnerability, and exposure, are central notions in his practice. Giorgos has an interesting creative process that begins in poetry and alternative, appropriated, texts, and then formalises in video pieces and multimedia performances that, in turn, connect to other pieces, becoming part of a larger, more complex project. Much of his work originates in his writing, in the form of video letters, video poems, and video performances, some of which have been produced in residency programmes such as in Vogelsang Military Training Area, and Bochumer Strasse Spricht, both in Germany.