2017-2019 Duruo Wang (PR China)

Duruo Wang holds a BFA degree from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China. By means of re-narrating family tales and experiences, her project Home rethinks the meaning of labour as a feedback mechanism between individual and society, as the environment where communities live in rather than being the passive victims of a commodified reality. Furthermore, Duruo is part of the HW Factory Project, in Chongqing, in collaboration with a local iron factory, in which a temporary commune has been created based on the dialogue between the factory owner and the curator and participating artists. She also publishes R.E.I.D., a magazine that redefines research in terms of storytelling, experience, and imagination. Duruo is a recipient of the Holland Scholarship 2017–2019 as well as the prestigious Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship.