DAI students anticipating "Topologies of Touch" ~ while our brand new syllabus 2017-2018 is in the final stages of preparation: COMING SOON !

10.09.17 | tag: Arnhem

Summer 2017: Areumnari Ee (DAI, 2018), Aldo Ramos (DAI, 2018), Wayne Lim (DAI, 2017) banding in South-Korea. Photo-credit: Binna Choi.

"Topologies of Touch" will be one of seven inspiring COOP Academy study group trajectories to be introduced to our incoming and returning master students during our introduction week in Arnhem: kicking of on September 21 and ending September 26 (end of the afternoon). 

Want to know more about HTDTWT (How To Do Things With Theory) and the PLANETARY CAMPUS, the two overriding components that together with the COOP Academy will constitute the experimental curriculum for the upcoming year at DAI Roaming Academy? 

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