The Object Lag,Translation

Part Two of The Object Lag, a concept by DAI alumnus Emily Williams, brings together artists and designers converging on the topic of translation, developing an array of contributions.

The Object Lag, Translation aims to highlight fractures and incongruities in the transformation of ideas, objects, language, definitions, history and contexts while considering `misunderstanding´ as inevitable and positive space for discussion, imagination and knowledge production.

Participants: Phil Baber, Michael Beck, Anno Dijkstra, Nico Dockx, Uta Eisenreich, DAI alumnus Rana Hamadeh, If A then B, Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Avigail Moss, De Kampensche School & Levan Busurashvili and Negotiating Equity/ Dutch Art Institute with current DAI students Jeroen Marttin & Vittoria Soddu, Foundland & Kostas Tzimoulis, Frederik Gruyaert & Anna Hoetjes.

Nieuwe Vide, Minckelersweg 6, 2031 EM Haarlem,

Negotiating Equity: