DAI in Cappadocia

The village Ibrahimpasa in Cappadocia, in central Turkey, where we went to study the water issues of the region. 

Our DAI house for 10 days:


Talking with Willemijn Bouwman, who invited the DAI to contribute to her project: the Art Eco Platform.


Collection of trash in Ibrahimpasa


Walking in the amazing landscape: for thousands of years, people built their houses by cutting them into the soft rock. 


In the Göreme Open Air Museum, where once was a bustling Monastery community, with numerous chapels, refectories, kitchens and living quarters cut into the rock.


In the underground city of Derinkuyu


The on-site classroom of the Organic Agriculture Program of the Cappadocia Vocational College in Mustafapasa with their teacher Ceren Nazik (on the right).


Walk with Mehmet Ali, the deputy mayor, along the water infrastructure of Ibrahimpasa 


The former Orthodox church in Ibrahimpasa


Visiting the Wali (governor) of Nevsehir

for more see: www.nevsehir.gov.tr/haber_oku.php?id=720 

 At the garbage dump of Nevsehir


Examining the water of the natural hot spring in Bayramhaci



One Response to “DAI in Cappadocia”

  1. cihan küsmez Says:

    I looked the pictures. It was so nice. But i can’t see fairy chimneys. I want to see more fairy chimneys photos. I’m from Cappadocia. And i’m honoured to see the pictures of my town here. We are looking forward to you. Come Cappadocia again. Here is so beautiful :)