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The projects, study groups, classes, seminars, lectures, travels, reviews, events and other happenings that occured during the DAI's extraordinary itinerary through time and places are archived here. Depot begins around 2003 and ends in August 2020 (it does not yet cover the running program (2020-2021).

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GoodTripBadTrip 2

curated and tutored by Mark Kremer in collaboration with John Heymans

Guests: Andre Kruysen, Franco Bernardelli, Stefan Rusu, Ben Schot, Hugo Canoilas, Maxim Chapochnikov, Gherman Popov.

2009: Performance, Ritual, Reality ~ workshop at the DAI & final presentation at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe ~ as part of The Other Sudan Festival

Stephen Ochalla, Monali Meher, Mieke Kolk, Nikos Doulos & students in art, choreography and theatre studies, among them Nisren Abasher Ahmed (foreground), Lauren Alexander, Lado Darakhvelidze

tag: Enschede

2010: Platform for (un)Solicited Research and Advice / DAI & Manifesta 8 / TEMPORARY ART SOUVENIRS

Co-ordinated by Yoeri Meesssen (Manifesta) and Florian Göttke (DAI)

Guests: Jeremy Beaudry, Eric Beltran, Boris Ondreicka, Alfredo Cramerotti, Barbara Visser a.o.

tag: Murcia