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Keywords - Queering Marxism

Grant Watson's 2021-2022 seminar for HTDTWT

The Covent of the Care-full

2021-2022 COOP study group with tutor team: iLiana Fokianaki, Laura Huertas Millan, Collective Rewilding (Sara Garzón, Ameli M. Klein, and Sabina Oroshi). Partner: State Of Concept, Athens

(non) Performance & (non) Performativity: Archives, Experiments, Stakes

Hypatia Vourloumis' 2021-2022 seminar for HTDTWT

Factory 2.0

Platform for elective courses, initiated and led by students, for students ~ as part of the accredited curriculum

Decolonising Attention: Perception, Movement, Technics Within and Against the Postcolony

Amit S.Rai's 2021-2022 seminar for HTDTWT

The Kitchen (not the restaurant) offers a platform to the myriad of distinctive voices within our student body.

Vaida Stepanovaite and Azar Mahmoudian will be responding to 10 Kitchens scheduled for November 12 @ NAC, Nida, Lithuania.

Love is the answer! What is the question?

Ana Teixeira Pinto's 2021-2022 seminar for HTDTWT

SOIL IS AN INSCRIBED BODY: on Agropoetics, Land Struggles and the Aesthetics of Sovereignty

2021-2022 COOP study group with tutor team: Akinbode Akinbiyi, Sagal Farah & Billy Fowo. Partner: SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

Capital as a State of Mind

Ghalya Saadawi's 2021-2022 seminar for HTDTWT

On Tradition - Future Ancestors 2: Rurality and Law

2021-2022 COOP study group with tutor team: Snejanka Mihaylova, Rory Pilgrim. Partner: If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam

Curating Positions: Nostalgia for the light*: Struggles’ Reverberations in Cinema

2021-2022 COOP study group with tutor team Marwa Arsanios, Leon Filter, Leire Vergara. Partner: Bulegoa z/b, Bilbao

ROAMING ASSEMBLY is an ongoing series of guest-curated events ~ mobilizing our bodies, our intelligences ~ by means of a a state-of-the-art speculative and hybrid public program that warmly welcomes everybody who is interested.

You fed me when I was hungry: Food Commons and Ecology of Belonging

2021-2022 COOP study group with tutor team: Ying Que & Müge Yilmaz. Partner: Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht.

A Blues For Essential Workers

2021-2022 COOP study group with tutor team Antonia Alampi, Amal Alhaag, Zippora Elders, Krista Jantowski, Aude Christel Mgba, and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. Partner: sonsbeek20->24, Arnhem.

The Nocturnal

Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga's 2021-2022 seminar for HTDTWT