"LAND-GRAB FOR AN IVORY TOWER". Although the Vienna Declaration will likely become a future constitution and framework for artistic research in European art schools, no public debates of its content seem to have taken place in the six months after its publication. Florian Cramer and Nienke Terpsma think that it is time to speak up – and fundamentally disagree with its concept and framing of artistic research. Here at DAI we have to hold ourselves back to not quote their ENTIRE excellent article as it truly strikes a chord with us. It was published online by Open! already quite some time ago but we only stumbled upon it now (click on this post to find the link). Here is one quote by means of a teaser: "With educational institutions now claiming ownership of artistic research, and introducing their own quality and validation standards, they factually create their own art system........ As a result, artistic research will be split into two forms and systems: ‘AR’ in art schools as opposed to artistic research in art practice and art worlds at large. Is this desirable? We don’t think so. Instead of creating hospitable spaces, infrastructures and institutional recognition for artist-run research initiatives (from the Bureau de recherches surréalistes to the Community Futures Lab of the Afrofuturist Affair in Philadelphia or Lifepatch in Indonesia), ‘AR’ is in danger of ending up as its own self-referential system, with artistic researchers and projects that are recognised only within that system, and the system serving the ultimate purpose of preserving itself; in other words, a land-grab for an ivory tower."

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Unraveling The (Under-) Development Complex

2022-2023 COOP study group with tutor team: Akinbode Akinbiyi, Sagal Farah, Billy Fowo. Partner: SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

Ghost Stories

Ana Teixeira Pinto's 2022-2023 seminar for HTDTWT

TEN CONVERSATIONS IN A FORM ~ Friday, Jan 13 ~ the second KITCHEN of this academic year ~ Location: NAC in Nida, Lithuania. With guest respondents Hera Chan and Jasmina Metwaly.

Presenters: Ioli Kavakou, Zuzana-Markéta Macková, Daila Maini, Elif Cadoux, Weronika Zalewska, Cristina Ramos, Clara & Julia von Schantz, Savva Dudin, Iliada Charalampous and Lucas Lugarinho Braga.

Long Time No See: Forming a new art economy of the commons

2022-2023 COOP study group with tutor team: Yin Aiwen, You Mi and Binna Choi. Partner: Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht.

Factory 2.0

Platform for elective courses, initiated and led by students for students ~ as part of the accredited curriculum

Roaming Assembly is our guest curated public program; exploring themes and topics of relevance to the thinking of art in the world today. 

Watch video documentation of the 30 editions, that we have organised at a wide variety of locations since 2015.

On Not S(t)aying the Same

Hypatia Vourloumis' 2022-2023 seminar for HTDTWT

Forest as Image and Infrastructure. Exploited, Assembled, Constructed, Protected, Cared for – Projections, Relations, Definitions – Forest Operational Images

2022-2023 COOP study group with tutor team: Egija Inzule, Jurga Daubaraitė and Jonas Žukauskas. Partner: Neringa Forest Architecture, Nida

Capital as a State of Mind II

Ghalya Saadawi's 2022-2023 seminar for HTDTWT

Publishing Practices: Textauralities, Oralitures, Corpoliteracies

2022-2023 COOP study group with tutor team Mayra A. Rodríguez Castro, Emanuela Maltese and Chiara Figone. Partner: ARCHIVE, Berlin, Dakar, Milan.

On Tradition - Future Ancestors 3: The Mother, The Archival and The Symbolic Order

2022-2023 COOP study group with tutor team: Snejanka Mihaylova, Rory Pilgrim. Partner: If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam

For a Revolutionary Becoming of Attention: Perception, Movement, Technics Within and Against the Postcolony

Amit S.Rai's 2022-2023 seminar for HTDTWT

Curating Positions: A cut through the screen

2022-2023 COOP study group with tutor team Marwa Arsanios, Leon Filter, Leire Vergara. Partner: Bulegoa z/b, Bilbao

A Fabric Instead of a Lecture

Grant Watson's 2022-2023 seminar for HTDTWT

AEROPONIC ACTS 2023 ~ July 22 till 31~ Dro, Italy

We are excitedly looking forward to return to Centrale Fies, independent centre for the production of contemporary performing arts, located within a former hydroelectric powerplant from the early 1900s and surrounded by an enchanting mountainscape.