DAI-BULLETIN nr 1 ~ curriculum 2015-2016 & symposium 'did you feel it?'

13.09.15 | tag: Eindhoven

Dear friends, 

DAI, school for art, research, experiment, roaming, curating, performance, writing and publishing is preparing for a year of challenging intellectual and artistic "transactions" between 'Jakarta' and 'Arnhem'. We are thrilled to be able to continue our exchange of thoughts, ideas, knowledges and even things :-) with ruangrupa, the amazing collective of artists, curators and educators from Jakarta in charge of both the Jakarta Biennial 2015 as well as SONSBEEK 2016

But before we embark on our unique DAI-trajectory 2015-2016, which will eventually lead us to Jakarta, Tanakita and Bandung as well as the remotest corners of Arnhem, we are first heading for a full week of lectures and presentations in the city of Eindhoven (100 km from our home station). From tomorrow (September 14) onward we will move temporarily to the beautiful Designhuis at one minute walking distance from our partner institution, the Van Abbemuseum, offering us the luxurious possibility to use both venues for our closed project presentations and festive dinners as well as for the day-long public event 'did you feel it?' a symposium on digital interfaces and their affect. You are welcome to attend the latter but note that at this point in time only few seats are left. If you wish to join us for fireworks by Mercedes Bunz, Mark Fisher, Erica Scourti, Nishant Shah and Veridiana Zurita you are advised to contact our project co-ordinator Jacq van der Spek ASAP. 

Although the introductory presentations to our 2015-2016 projects and seminars are closed sessions, we nevertheless like to present you with the names of our core curatorial/tutorial team present in Eindhoven: our 3 Roaming Academy projects will be introduced by Tirdad Zolghadr and Sarah Pierce, Ruth Noack and finally If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution. Our 3 COOP Academy classes will be introduced by Nick Aikens (Van Abbemuseum), Fernando Garcia-Dory and Sanne Oorthuizen (Casco) and Jorinde Seijdel and Florian Göttke (Open!). The seminars and tutorials under the umbrella How To Do Things With Theory will be introduced by Bassam el Baroni, Rachel O'Reilly and Marina Vishmidt. We are also happy to welcome Charles Esche and Farid Rakun who will close the week with introductions to MAJU KENA, MUNDUR KENA (neither forward nor back) LEARNING IN THE PRESENT ( this is the title of the 2015 edition of the Jakarta Bienniale which we will join in November). 

The detailed day to day schedule for the Eindhoven sessions is to be found here, in DAI-BULLETIN Nr. 1

Perhaps you wish to note down that on Sunday October 18 we will organize a so called ROAMING ASSEMBLY, a public seminar, this time in preparation of our working period in Indonesia (location: the Showroom in Arnhem). We will look at the (contemporary) history of Indonesia through the lens of art and cinema. Contributions by, among others Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Farid Rakun, Vivian Ziherl and  Tom Nicholson (via skype from Australia). For more information contact us at dutchartinstitute@artez.nl 

Last but not least I would like to inform you that we are eagerly looking forward to welcome back our 18 returning students while introducing them to their 22 equally energetic and brilliant peers, the 2015 incoming students from as nearby as Addis Ababa, Hongkong, Philadelphia and as far as Brussels and Rotterdam. We will soon publish short introductions to their research, so keep an eye on our website or join us on facebook


Gabriëlle Schleijpen 

artistic director | head of program