DAI-BULLETIN nr.10 ~ final student lecture presentations in the presence of tutors and guest respondents Maria Hlavajova and ruangrupa.

05.07.15 | tag: Arnhem

Dear friends,

On this hot and historical day, July 5, 2015 which marks the vehement culmination of revolutionary developments in the world and at home, we like to inform you about our FINAL DAI-week which consists of 4 components:

1.DO THE RIGHT THING ! lecture-performances graduating students, special guest respondent is Maria Hlavajova

2. general meeting tutors & staff

3. THE KITCHEN /NOT THE RESTAURANT lecture-performances first year students, special guest respondent is ruangrupa (represented by Reza Afisina and Farid Rakun). Please find the full schedule in DAI-BULLETIN nr.10 

4. graduation ceremony  & farewell party

We hope to be able to greet some of you during the coming days, otherwise we invite you to attend one or more of our upcoming public events in Eindhoven, Jakarta and Arnhem in the next academic year. We will keep you updated. 


Cool wishes for a long summer,

Gabriëlle Schleijpen 

artistic director | head of program